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Death penalty possible for Pike County massacre suspects

The seminars give students not only the information they need to work on the report, but also introduces them to careers in the environmental field. Students also learn about the site and the issues through assigned readings, discussions with members of the Site Specific Advisory Board, and guided tours. The final ASER Student Summary report will include local and student artwork, photographs, and other graphics, creating a document that is both informative and interesting for the reader.

The final report and video summary will be available at portsfuture. All rights reserved. NELSON, was the true one; and this latter the device of rebel sympathizers to mitigate the moral effect of the defeat.

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But whatever the proportions, the results remain the same. Of this latter movement, the accounts are exceedingly suspicious. The sudden appearance of Gen. The tremendous programme announced for these earth-born legions of JOHNSTON, namely, the capture of Louisville and Cincinnati, and the melo-dramatic incident of the Tennessee refugees refusing to retire with the rest, preferring to encounter the approaching host single-handed, to retreating to more advantageous positions, are elements of the marvelous, which go to discredit the whole business.

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The Piketon affair has at least proved the existence of a purpose somewhere along the lines of intelligence in Kentucky to play tricks with the news, either belittling or enlarging it, as may suit the end of the inventors. We may safely await further information. In the meantime, Gen. The official DOE ASER informs and educates the public about the site cleanup activities by describing the effectiveness of environmental monitoring and surveillance of the area, and noting if the site meets environmental standards and requirements.

During the development of the summary of the full ASER report, students learned about the process and past successes through a series of seminars by subject matter experts.

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  8. The seminars also included the history of the site, as well as cleanup activities and areas of importance related to the remediation efforts. Subject matter experts provided students with information they needed to develop the summary report, and also introduced them to careers in the environmental field.

    Students learned about the site and the issues through assigned readings, discussions with members of the Site Specific Advisory Board, and guided tours.

    Additionally, the students visited a state park where the Voinovich School water quality team led them in a hands-on water quality testing demonstration to provide them an applied STEM learning experience.