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When Jean finds herself pregnant and alone, she moves to a small town so that she can be the mother she always wanted to be. There she meets sexy bartender Eric, who has recently decided to change his bad-boy ways and maybe — just maybe — even settle down. When Jean goes into labor, a car accident brings the two together in an odd way, but will it be enough to keep them together in the end?

Annette and Jackson have a steamy, passionate night together, after which Annette completely regrets what has happened. She is also embarrassed because she feels that she made a fool of herself, but is this what Jackson thinks? Noah and Angeline are not nice people. In fact, Noah kidnaps women and sells them to the highest bidder. However, this is one book that you will never forget reading. First, he rescues her from a fire at a party. Next, he discovers that he is living next door to her.

The man is muscular and tattooed and has a perfect physique. Or would it?

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Tabitha is the daughter of a motorcycle club member whose other members have always treated her like a daughter, but when one of those members named Shy starts looking at her in a different manner, she realizes she is attracted to him, too. Love is sometimes a lot hotter with a twist, which is definitely the case with Joe and Alex. There are two problems, however. One is that Alex lives on the other side of the country, and the second is that she thinks that Joe is actually his brother. When they finally meet, however, they discover that the only thing that matters is their passion for one another.

Shayne is determined not to let that happen because it took him a long time to convince Beth that she could trust him. In fact, Shayne is not going to let anything bad happen to her from now on, and he will do anything — anything — to keep her safe. She reluctantly accepts an apology from him, then instantly wants to take him to her bed. Hunter agrees to go on a blind date for a friend and meets Laney, who is only going on the date because she recently found out that her ex-boyfriend is engaged.

On her third martini when Hunter arrives, Laney is only half-prepared for this date, but the truth is that they both see something in the other that they like, even though she considers him to be a little cocky for her tastes. He does this even though he feels like she is much too classy and sophisticated for his tastes. However, after that one passionate night, he forms an attraction to her that is way more than just physical, but how is he supposed to convince her that the two of them should be together? This is a dark, erotic novel that displays unbridled desire and a dark part of the human psyche.

This couple eventually finds out that falling in love is easier than they thought and that fantasies can, in fact, become reality — an idea that both of them are counting on for the future. Jimmy is a rock-and-roll bad boy who lands himself in rehab, and he is immediately introduced to his new assistant Lena, who is hired to keep him out of trouble. However, there are two problems with this arrangement. The first is that Jimmy is determined not to be tamed, and the second is that things sizzle every time the two of them get together. Which one of these challenges will be the one to destroy them — or bring them together in a way neither of them is prepared for?

But when haunts, deceit, and painful hurts from the past come back and haunt her, what is she supposed to do? Should she trust the man she loves and trusts, or should she trust her instincts which are telling her that he has secrets as well? When push comes to shove, what will she do in the end — remain alone, or trust that neither of their secrets will be able to tear them apart?

Dix has a pit bull, a pawn shop, and a teenaged brother who gets on her nerves. But with her brother about to graduate, she is feeling like a change in her life — can anyone say Paris? When Dane, a cop, comes into her store looking for stolen goods, he changes her life forever. If she goes with her gut reaction, Dix could lose her heart and therefore her chance to get away from it all, but Dane is determined to show her that love is worth any sacrifice that she has to make for it. Meeting up again at a charity auction, Anna and Brett go on a date after she wins that date in the auction.

They knew one another in college, and Anna was the only woman to refuse him then, while she was the only one whom he wanted. In the middle is a story about Keri and Adam, who are both after the same killer. All three are about love, determination, and of course, passion. Intense passion. All of these combine when London heads out to England to start a new life and ends up working as a bartender in a sex club, which has gained her a lot of money, friends, and happiness.

When her husband notices this fact, he decides to do something about it, but what does he have up his sleeve?

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In fact, he has a lot up his sleeve, and Susie will not be let down by the list of activities he has planned for the two of them, even when their lives seem to be in danger because of it. When her house in ransacked she knows that she has taken the wrong thing from the wrong person. That is, until someone threatens to sell information to harass women online and Scott is assigned to keep her safe. Ari is a woman in control because she saw her parents divorce and decided that the only way to avoid having this happen to her is to keep a wall around her heart.

Until she meets Dane. But he is the one person who might make losing control worth it in the end. Lila has a successful career in Hollywood and has even started publishing steamy novels — under another name, of course, because she is a proper young lady. Few things are as exciting as love on the beach. When Ada, a woman with more than one secret in her past, meets Ethan, a self-centered alpha male who treats her like dirt, she finds it harder and harder to concentrate on her most important task — self-preservation that will allow her to live.

Steamy, sexy, and very compelling, this story is about one Eve Brooke, who enjoys the most passionate night of her life when she finds herself in a brief affair. She is having enough trouble forgetting about the affair, but what is she supposed to do when he moves right next door? After a while, she begins to think that fate has brought the two together again, but how can she ever know for sure?

Their relationship takes a different turn during that weekend, and neither of them is sure how they will feel once the weekend is over. A non-typical love story that will have you guessing until the very end. Sam is a monster hunter working in the Pacific Northwest and with no time for romance. Clay is a roadhouse owner who wants Sam as soon as he sees her curvy figure and her luscious lips.

But Sam has been fighting demons all of her life, and she is not about to let anything stop her now. Until, that is, Clay shows her what she has been missing all this time. But the joke is on them when they find out that they actually have feelings for these women, making their competitiveness that much more intense. Hot and steamy and with unexpected endings, these two novellas will have you breathless from the first chapter to the last. Greyson is a successful businessman who knows what he wants, and what he wants is Evie.

For sex addicts, no type of activity is too much to get the pleasure they need and desire. Their anguished sister-to-sister phone calls later in the day reminded me of my own family, and made me smile. A main character in the book is White Dog, so named by Sam. The writing is beautiful. No one trusted his truck, or him in it.

10 Younger man/older woman romance reads that’ll melt your heart (and panties)

The truck was a grand possession—old, paint bleached to the metal and the metal stained with rust. Its motor banged, parts hammering against parts.

Its gears were loose…The truck jerked like an animal shuddering under its skin. But it was his truck. He could no longer walk over his land, and the truck carried him, two sluggish old things getting about. Let them snicker and shake their heads in pity. It was his truck, by God, and he loved it. And his grandchildren loved it. His grandchildren were always pestering him to take them for rides. Thanks to Terry Kay for writing it. The Ladies of Managua is written in three voices, three generations of women — grandmother, mother, and daughter — all who are trying to find their way in the present, all weighed down by the past.

But what a past! The central figure for me is Ninexin, the middle-generation woman named after an Aztec warrior who was a guerrilla fighter in the Sandinista army of Nicaragua. This is because, during the war, Ninexin leaves her daughter to be raised by the grandmother. All three must figure out who they are now, who they are in relation to each other, and where love fits in relation to their hard-won sense of self. From author Gage, who as she said in the afterword married not just a man but his family and his country, we learn about the history and customs of Nicaragua.

The only negative about the story was that the introspection of each of the three characters, the internal monologues, went on too long.

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In my opinion, the book could have been slightly shorter and the pace enhanced in this way. Having read it on Kindle, I may buy it in paperback just for the pleasure of having it to read at my leisure for years to come. No more Nazis. But I have to admit I skimmed the parts about the barbaric Nazis as they tortured and annihilated the Jews of this city. Still, compelling characters. Still, a well-crafted novel. I found the material so compelling that I listened on audio, then bought the paperback and transcribed all my notes into that.

I also put a note on my perpetual calendar to revisit the highlights once a year. I was late to the party — most of you probably already read it — but I am at an age where looking for the meaning of my life is maybe more important than ever. Viktor Frankl, as you know, was a psychiatrist who was imprisoned by the Nazis at Auschwitz. There, while he suffered, he also learned, and when he was released, he wrote this book. Could we possibly have a more seasoned teacher? For much more, I highly, highly recommend this book.

Even a wuss like me can handle it. There is so much more. I can only recommend this book to you with all my heart. Thank you, Dr. You certainly made a great accounting of your life, and your suffering. Helen, the narrator, is thriving, with work, family, and a nice homelife. Nicola, her friend, is a charismatic narcissist who is dying. This book is a chronicle of that journey. The good: The book is well-paced and interesting. Here are some examples:. I banged down the window and switched on the oil heater. She was silent. Her head hung forward, as if a tiny fascinating scene were being enacted on her lap.

Everything strong and purposeful was draining out of me. When my coffee came I could hardly lift the cup.

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I drove home. My desk was buried under sliding heaps of unread and unanswered mail. I had lost control of my life. I also enjoyed the vernacular of urban Australia. That added another layer of interest. In that sense, the ending was a bit unsatisfying. Helen and all the other caregivers continue sacrificing themselves for Nicola right up until the last page. No changes. However, the story contained two powerful reminders. One, to appreciate my life, in spite of the fact that I can no longer leap tall buildings.

Spare Room imparts gratitude for the joy of relative health and independence. So thanks to Helen Garner for sharing her story with us. I recommend this book. Talk Before Sleep by Elizabeth Berg. This book did both. Ruth aggravates Ann by sending her back to the kitchen to improve the meal. Ann thinks, What a bitch! But complies.

Steamy Romance Book Recommendations

Ann does, and you see that she needs to do this for herself every now and then: a perfect breakfast, with white linen and a rose alongside. We all should. I suppose this is one of our problems. And yet it is also one of our strengths. One night, Ann and Ruth are looking up at the stars, discussing insignificance.

I want someone to know I was here. In this she gives us a model, and Elizabeth Berg, the author, gives us a gift. Still Alice by Lisa Genova. The book is well-paced and has good dramatic tension. There are some bits of wisdom in the book about life in general. Not wasting it. Alice is a brilliant scientist and researcher, an articulate speaker, and gifted with above-average intelligence. She wanted to see her daughter Lydia act in something she was proud of. She wanted to see her son Tom fall in love.

She wanted one more sabbatical year with her husband John. She wanted to read every book she could before she could no longer read.

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Nowhere on that list was there anything about linguistics, teaching, or Harvard. She ate her last bite of cone. She wanted more sunny, seventy-degree days and ice-cream cones. Genova does a little bit of speechifying about how we care for our dementia patients e. And the end of the book is sad. Lisa Genova has done us a service by writing this book. My very best wishes to the families and patients who are dealing with this disease. The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. His questions will prompt your own. Here is my review. I loved this book.

Could not put it down. Click here for my full review. This is a fun, fast read about a year-old woman who refuses to let her life circumstances diminish her, and in finding her own courage, she helps others grow. I especially liked that, in addition to her story, there was a strong secondary character in her mid-forties. This book is about three middle-aged women who buy an old mansion together, which is a rich setting for a story through which women can live vicariously.

I enjoyed it. My review is here. This was a wonderful book. A woman who is turning sixty must decide how she will live her life now and for years to come. It will require that she re-evaluate her values and standards. Part of her journey involves moving from New York to the rural countryside, and living in a rustic cabin, alone. What a moving collection of memoirs. I read it in one day, unable to stop. Each of the four authors delivers a nuanced, multidimensional reflection on who their mothers were, what shaped them, and whether the direction their mothers took in rearing them was as bad as it seemed, or better now in retrospect.

The rest of my review is here. Books by Lynne M. Leave 'em in the comments, and you might see them turn up on the list. Read These Stories Next:. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to go viral? In her debut book Obviously, year-old Akilah Hughes recalls uploading the video that would make h. Read I There are two Morgan Parkers. The book is an exhaustive account of how Kantor and.

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