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Imagine a world where all your dreams - and all your nightmares - live and breathe. Imagine a world illuminated by your brightest hopes and darkened by your most terrible fears. This world is Akralon.

the oberon glossary of theatrical terms Manual

It is the world of Greek myth, of Celtic fables and Norse epics, of Arthurian mystery and Japanese legend, of Native American tales and African folklore. All the world's mythology exists in Akralon. Those who find themselves somehow in this dream world are called Travelers.

Not everyone can travel and none know how or why. Answers are elusive in the ever-changing and deeply mysterious Akralon.

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As a Traveler, you must balance the ongoing drama of your real life with the fantastical adventures that take place in the other world. As you travel back and forth, you will learn things about yourself and about those you choose to adventure with. Some of you will find the strength to overcome your circumstances and rise to become heroes.

Others will fall victim to your lives and spiral into infamy. Create Widget. Angie Antrim reviewed on on Oct. Two thumbs up!! I appreciated the detail and description of Fablemyr and the development of characters.

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The story flowed well and the concept was interesting and original. I really enjoyed the first book and looking forward to reading what happens next!

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